Battlefield 4: How To Obtain New Weapons

The world of Battlefield 4 is huge enough for the players to miss weapons of greater power. Some weapons can be use for clearing an obstacle while other weapons can benefit the players. If players want to know how to obtain the weapons then read each weapons locations below.

1. L85A2

You need to get the assignment “Open Fire”. Get assault ribbon three times, and then get one kill using a pistol, a 40mm grenade, and defibrillator each, with each one in one round.

2. L96A1

“Need Only One” assignment is required. Get sniper ribbon three times, and then get one kill each with a shotgun, a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), and C4, again using each open in one round.

3. MTAR21

For this one, you will need the assignment “Multitalented”. Just as the title implies, prove your facility with different weapons and get one kill each with an AR (Assault Rifle), LMG (Light Machine Gun), Sniper Rifle, and a grenade. No need to do this in one round, so whatever combination of kills you can come up with is fine.

4. RPK74M

You will need assignment “Powder Keg”, you need to get the Light Machine Gun ribbon three times, and then get a kill with the M224 Mortar.

5. MP7

The assignment is called “Make A Dent”, and what you need to accomplish here is to destroy and air vehicle with portable anti aircraft weapons, and get the Anti Vehicle ribbon three times. This assignment also gives you the SUAV and UCAV gadgets.

Finally, there is an extra assignment for China Rising called Middle King. To accomplish it, you need to play the game for ten hours, have a five killstreak, and pull off at least one kill with the help of the SUAV.

Now the player can enjoy the game after obtaining their favorite weapons.