Battlefield 3: Crash Fix

Battlefield 3 came out on the PC recently and is riddle with a lot of bugs. A large number of people are facing crashes, screen freezing up and random error messages at the end of each round or even during a multiplayer map. The sound also starts looping in case the screen gets stuck. Thankfully I came to a solution and my game is running fine since then.

Note: Its not a complete guide and comments and suggestions are more than welcome.


  • Go to your windows device manager.
  • Uninstall the display adapter. (It does not matter what GPU you own.)
  • Reinstall the updated drivers for your respective GPU.
  • Here are the Links: NVIDIAATI


  • Type cmd in run and run it as administrator.
  • Now type sfc /scannow.
  • After the scan is complete restart the computer.


  • Open your Origin menu.
  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Now select settings and then select the in-game tab.
  • Un-check enable origin in game’ option.
  • The game should run fine without glitches.



  • Nightflash

    Doesn’t work either, game still keeps crashing. Tried 3 different methods and it still keeps crashing. Seriously, WTF.

  • borny4horny

    Worked 4 me, thx!

  • Vadim246

    this doesnt work did everything you said and it is still crashing after about 5 minutes of gameplay

  • Keekee

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Worked for me. Thanks a lot.

  • tastywheat

    Didn’t work for me unfortunately. The only method that works for me is to re-install the latest drivers every time I restart my comp. Never crashes when I re-install my latest drivers but whenever I reboot my computer, it starts to crash again.Very tedious… just to play BF3…

    Using a Asus GTX 550Ti video card.

  • kotekking2

    didnt work crash after 5 minutes

  • kurkuma

    i’ve got the same problem and i’ve solved it by installing MSI Afterburner and overclock card like this:

  • kurkuma
  • Hauk Langlo

    “•Type cmd in run and run it as administrator”

    How do I do i perform a “run” command as administrator in Win 7?

    Greatfull if anybody could tell. I guess it’s a simple trick

  • Adrian

    I’ll try it now. it’s so annoyng this thing.
    Hauk. U search in start “command” and then right click and run as admin :) good luck

  • eddy

    remove the TM simbol on game path and raname in Battlefield 3

  • Sam

    WINDOWS Button + R

  • tastywheat

    Right click cmd.exe and click on the “Run as administrator”. Should be the 2nd option.

  • DeathxAdder

    That worked..
    tyvm :)

  • santaslittlehelper

    “Type cmd in run and run it as administrator”
    By that he means this: press start button from down left –> write to there “cmd” –>
    then select cmd (there should come cmd program) –> start it –> write there “sfc/scannow” –> press enter and let the pc take care of the rest :))) simple as that was it so hard?

  • anony

    @Hauk Langlo

    when you type cmd youll see it(cmd) in the programs menu. right click and run as admin.

    This fix didn’t work for me !

  • Bryan

    start typing cmd in start menu search and when “cmd” pops up on list- right click and select “run as administrator”

  • Paul

    Click Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories/
    Right click Command Line
    select run as admin

  • Binoy

    @Hauk Laonglo – Click on the Start button > Type cmd > When you see cmd, right click on it and select Run as administrator.

  • Binoy

    I’m sorry I forgot to add – To perform the “Run” command, press “Windows logo key + R”.

  • Proctor

    Go to Start, all programs, then accessories, you should see command prompt and simply right click and run as administrator.

  • dave

    STEP 3

    Open your Origin menu.
    Go to the settings tab.
    Now select settings and then select the in-game tab.
    Un-check enable origin in game’ option.
    The game should run fine without glitches.

    i dont understand, where to find origin menu.
    some one help me.

  • Gafen

    Crash, Crash, Crash…..FIX PLEASE!!!

    CPU: i5 2500k 4.7GHz
    GPU: HD6850 850Mhz
    RAM: 8GB DDR3

    DxDiag: []

    Single player:
    Happens every time a round ends just before “YOU WON” or Stats screen between rounds.

    Crashes on loading a Level just before loading screen.
    If i’m lucky enough to get past that, Crashes just after talking about the battle plan on the first Level in the market. I run through the market, into a building, I just get my sprint ability i sprint down the alleyway i get 80% the way down and it Crashes every time!

    What i’ve tried:
    I’ve Reinstalled Battlefield 3, Reinstalled Origin, Reinstalled/Updated Drivers, Reinstalled Catalyst control centre, Reinstalled direct x, memory scan, hard-drive scan, flash bios, lowered video settings to low, down clocked GPU from stock 790-750, down clocked cpu from 4700- stock 3300, Reinstalled PB

  • Jamie

    After my game started crashing every 5 minutes All I did was turn my graphics down to medium and played for 3 hours straight!

  • Paul

    Go to

    C:ProgramFiles/Origin Games/BF3 and then click on pbsvc, it will ask you to intall-reinstall PB then DO IT.

    Since I did this I do not have any crash.

  • Same33

    For me it does not crash but it freezes with black screen for about 30s – 1min. I also thought it crashed but once I waited and it started to run again after a while

  • Derek

    Same problem – crashes with black screen 9 times out of 10 on single player. Muptiplayer works but crashes as soon as the round finishes

    Have updated video drivers, dropped video to medium, unchecked the allow origin during game button – nothing seems to make any difference.

    I’m just hoping that EA come up with something soon while I still have hair left !

  • Robin

    Hi guys, I fixed it on my end!

    At first I tried all the above suggestions, which all kept failing…

    I have a GTX560 TI card from Gigabyte which is clocked at 900Mhz.

    I read about a guy who had the GTX570 and changed the clockspeed to 822Mhz so I gave that a try by downloading MSI Afterburning. I restarted BF3 and it keeps working!

    I hope this will help some of you as well!

  • oAkkEo

    @kurkuma THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    i played trought my first game !

  • wayne

    I finally found a fix!!!
    I tried everything and I do mean everything! what finally fixed it,
    I went to options, video and went from auto to medium and that worked!
    Good luck you guys!

  • Arturas
  • Waltermydoinhere

    Still not working. I seriously think it’s a DX11 issue. My older vid cards (8800GT and 280GTX) played it flawlessly and with no crashes. My new card 560GTX is the only one that has has the ‘crash after only 4 minutes’ issue.

    I seriously hope they’re looking into this.

  • Arturas





  • Martin

    I fixed it on my gainward 560ti GS, with using msi afterburner, by geting core voltage on gpu from 1000 to 1025… its now 100 celsius in campaign and around 90 in multiplayer, propably because, only shity 3 heatsink cooler… but i can run now smotly…

  • Stalker34000

    I dont know if we have to O/C our Gc, but Oo its working. . . lol
    I followed these steps, OC a little and its working for me :O

  • Ronnie Danielsson

    How do I turn down clock for the GPU, I have never done that before.
    I got a nvidia 580 GTX

  • Tonya

    @ Ronnie For Nvidia video card you go online and download the MSI Afterburner after that you can turn down you core clocking for your video card.

  • Waltermydoinhere

    @Tonya, what if you don’t have an MSI vid card? (Mine’s Gigabyte)

    Cheers and thanks ahead of time!

  • StickyBee

    Guys, it’s worth checking to see if you are using Realtek onboard audio.

    BF3 uses punkbuster, Punkbuster and many of the realtek onboard audio solutions do not get along, and have not gotten along for a long time. In pretty much every game that uses PB lots of realtek owners get hard sound loop crashes after 5/10 minutes. I’ve heard that rolling back your audio drivers to fairly old ones can work, but the most reliable solution is simply to disable onboard audio in your bios and get a cheap USB sound card.

    Test the problem by disabling audio in BIOS and playing for 20 minutes. I guarantee that this will be the problem for more of you than what is listed here.

  • Waltermydoinhere

    I went to gigabytes website and they have a utility under the downloads section for my vid card that allows the clock speed to be adjusted. I started off by reducing the clock speed from 830mhz to 800mhz. For the FIRST TIME since I installed this card I was able to play longer than 5 minutes.

    ARTURAS IS CORRECT!!!! I worked 12hrs last night and just had enough time for a couple rounds, but I was ble to play at 1680 x 1050 for two rounds on a 64 player conquest map on HIGH detail. It was stunning and awesome. I know 2 rounds isn’t enough of a test to verify that this definitely fixed the problem but it IS the first time I played more than 5 minutes. Once I get mroe time I will ensure it’s the fix. OUTLOOK IS GOOD~

  • Qb

    I was trying everything about “repairing” BF 3, even reinstalled game and done system format – nothing helped.

    Finally I used MSI Afterburner and increased Core VOltage from 985 to 1000 mV and never had crash again.
    Really worked for me!

  • Tom

    Works Great Job ;)

  • Tonya

    @ Waltermydoinhere, You can use the MSI AfterBurner too. The afterburner is mostly for GeForce Nvidia cards but you can use it also. For Battlefield 3 crashes turn down your core clocking to 100 to 300Mhz like “Arturas” said, if you still get alot of crashes go on your battlefield 3 game settings and turn them all down to low.

  • gus

    so i have a 295 gtx? how much should i turn it down please?? having same issues

  • Bertus198

    How can i adjust my GPU clock? I have a ATI Radeon 4890

  • Robin

    No prob, I used it for my Gigabyte card as well ;)

  • Waltermydoinhere

    Correction to previous comment…

    I am STILL getting the crashes. They are not as frequent but nearly. I am now lowering mhz in increments of 10. I then go back into game to see how long it plays. I sure hope EA/DICE or whoever’s responsible for this type of thing are working on it.

  • Tonya

    @ Bertus198 you go online and download the MSI Afterburner then you can turn down your core clocking for your video card.

  • F


  • Wayne

    Gus, I had a gtx 275 before I went to to a 6970 radeon, just for this game.
    And no matter what I did, underclock, re-install latest drivers and punkbuster,
    I still would freeze up. I went into the game options for video and changed it from
    auto to medium and I haven’t crashed since. I think just getting it off the auto setting
    was the key and probably if you just customized the settings, it might have the
    same effect. Please give it a try and post your success.

  • mohi

    Start > type CMD > wait1sec > on top of start menu you will see cmd.exe.
    Hover over it > LMB > select “run as admin..”

  • Rokki

    Hey guys. I had this problem that “bf3.exe stopped working” after every 5min playing.
    I tried everything. I mean _everything_ and I joked with my friend that “sometimes games just don’t work becouse of some sound card or something” and I kept going on working with this issue and I was just about to quit and give up but I realized that, hey wait. Once it worked and I was playing with my headphones (steelseries) and it has it’s own soundcard and I have to chance it everytime from speakers to headphones and back to speakers after playing games. So I tried like 50 times with regular soundcard and it didin’t work, and after that I tried with steelseries soundcard and It just works. Unbelievable but true. So If somebody has another soundcard avaiable, try to change it!

  • yön timo

    I have a ATI Radeon HD 5800 and sometimes I can play up to 30min, but usually 5-10min and then the game crashes. I tried to act according to the instructions above, but without success so what should I do? : (

  • anonimous

    i found something that fixed the crashing in multiplayer

    after hours of googoling a read that disabling the Universal Plug and Play could fix it, and it did for me! after 3 hours of gameplay it did not crash again!

    you have to go to the settings in your router and disable it (UPnP)

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  • komplot

    @yön timo. your Radeon HD 5800 should have a HDMI output. If you can: plug it into an HDMI display(like a TV so you can get sound) – go to your sound options – playback devices – and switch to HDMI’s sound output. This bypasses your onboard soundcard and uses the graphics card sound output. Worked for me. (HDMI carries audio and video)

  • Bertus1987

    Thanks Tonya, I will download

  • ad

    I just sent the shitty game back to the store. I’m fed up with games that won’t work even on an high end system.(quad procesor, 1gig videoboard latest drivers, 16 gig, win 7.0 ultimate) It’s not that it’s free… You should expect some value for your money and not endless updating all possible drivers, tuning your videoboard and settings. I’m not running a $#@@# racecar. I just want to play a game…….

  • Waltermydoinhere

    I am able to play now.

    The things I’ve done…

    Drivers are UP TO DATE
    BIos is UP TO DATE
    Vid Card has been removed and reseated
    Punkbuster has been deleted, reinstalled, updated.
    Soundcard has been updated
    Verified DirextX was up to date
    Disabled sound card
    Changed PhysX from GPU to CPU
    Changed ‘clock speed’ on GPU from 830mhz (Stock) in increments of 25 down to 530mhz. Crash after 5 minutes @ each speed.
    My vid card does not allow voltage manipulation. Therefore I am unable to increase voltage to GPU.
    Disabled Origin “In Game”
    Made sure no other programs running unless they are assential.
    Changed graphics quality from High to Low
    Changed Windows Page file size to 5176
    Tried launching from 3 different browsers

    My System:

    Home Built by ME It’s not top of the line but it’s a great ‘budget’ machine for gaming.
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz (4 cores 8 threads), ~2.9GHz
    OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
    Hard Drive:
    40gig SSD Drive + 2 Sata III drives for 1.7TB Total
    Video Card:
    Sceptre 24″ Monitor with 2ms, 4000:1 contrast @ 1920/1200
    Sound Card:
    Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty X-Fi Audio [8C00]
    PLANTRONICS GameCom 377 3.5mm Circumaural Gaming Headset
    Saitek Eclipse backlit
    Microsoft Sidewinder (THE GIANT MOUSE)
    Mouse Surface:
    Home-made Teflon super smooth surface.
    Operating System:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506)
    GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P Liquid cooled by CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50. Powered by OCZ GameXStream 700W Power supply
    Computer Case:
    RAIDMAX Scorpio ATX-868WUP Blue Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    What finally worked:

    Using either MSI afterburner or Gigabyte “Easy Boost” I lowered GPU from 830mhz to 530mhz. Then in game, I put all settings on Medium, AA and AF both turned off. NOW I can play indefinitely. I just hope they let us know if/when they release a patch that fixed whatever the cause is/was. I’d like to play on more than just medium.

  • Tonya

    @Waltermydoinhere Glad you fixed it, I hope it keeps working for you. :)
    My rig is
    Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    Memory: 8190MB RAM
    Power Supply: 700 Watt
    Hard Drive: 500 GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
    Monitor: 19′ dell flatscreen
    Sound Card: Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)
    Keyboard: USB Root Hub
    Mouse: USB Root Hub
    Mouse Surface: Puppy Mouse Pad
    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506)
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M68MT-D3
    Computer Case: Cooler Master Silence Pro Case

    I’m playing Battlefield 3 Campaign and have had no problems, game settings set on high. MSI Afterburner core clock at 900mhz, Shader clock 1800, memory clock 2106, Fan speed set at 60. Video card driver up to date.

  • komplot

    Fix that worked for me:
    Had the freeze “brrrrrr” sound syndrome.
    Removed removeWat and used Daz Loader instead.
    Disabled audio in bios (using external sound card)

  • Wayne

    Hey walter now that you’ve changed your video settings, I bet you can put
    your video card back to normal speeds! I even overclocked mine after changing
    the video resolution in options.

  • jkl

    i have ATI Radeon 4600 how much should i turn down? thx~

  • Karpi

    Well, I did 2 thinks…

    1. REINSTALL newest video drivers
    2. some “crazy” thing described here:

    I am not sure, whitch of 2 things helped, but now it does NOT freeze during game!

  • Yeap

    Exactly same problem here..I’m using Asus GTX580

  • j

    file systems in windows constantly monitor changes in files and replace them with original files on startup, perhaps you have anti-virus software that is marking a file as tampered

  • Schizo

    ok… Non of above comments or your advise help, at least for me. I downloaded Afterburner, i updated my sound card and my ati drivers(but i would said update the graphic card drivers is necessary) , i deleted all the TM in registries, i did the sfc/scannow.. i m using HD 4800 series graphic card… i might say is my graphic card to old and outdated and is time for me to gt new 1…LOL… but 1 thing do help, to those who stil having the crash problem on start\resume game or process to another level, you need to go OPTION > VIDEO > while the GRAPHIC QUALITY is being turn to AUTO, turn it to CUSTOM > and change the AMBIENT OCCLUSION to SSAO, and i could play the game smoothly and able progress to every level without any CRASH.. I hope this help those still counter the CRASH and FREEZING problem.

  • RoyMunsen

    I believe its an onboard sound issue. I am running Phenom II 940BE…..Asus 560 GTX SLI…8 GB OCZ Reaper 1066..Crosshair 2 Formula….with Realtech onboard sound. I put a soundblaser live card in…Its not 100 % compatible…mic is real screwy….but the sound works fine….only had crash…and when I rebooted my mic setting were all messed up and it was muted. I have ordered a new card as I believe this is the problem. I always seemed to get more crashing when using the voice chat while playing…which then again would point to sound. The whole “Battlefield 3 overclocks your card” just doesn’t make sense. …no way any software would adjust anything on your hardware without you acknowledging this….and relieving them from any damages caused by overclocking. I use Afterburner to push card voltage from 1025 to 1050..(Have always run my cards at this setting) and I have them clocked @ 900. ForASUS people do not install GamerOSD…it will cause you problems…..I will update in a few days when I have a new card that is 100% compatible…….and I tried every one f the above suggestions before this.

  • Skyboy


    It is an issue with the cpu and gpu. I think BF3 slighty overclocks both and so for an already OC’ed cpu or equally OC’ed gpu (even factory OC’ed) it is causing instability.

    What I did was downclock my cpu from 3.4GHz to 3.0GHz and NO MORE FREEZES! Worked a treat, I played for 4 hours plus yesterday.
    Either downclock your cpu or if that dont work gpu or if your confident you can up the voltage a little on them.

    *These are my views and experiences. Not necessary a sure fix and I take no responsibility for any damage to hardware*

  • BeuZ

    Seemed to work for me. No crash so far……(fingers crossed)

  • Lord Harbinger

    Worked for me so far. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Thx a lot. its not freezing and chrashing anymore. i think the main issure was

    STEP 3
    Open your Origin menu.
    Go to the settings tab.
    Now select settings and then select the in-game tab.
    Un-check enable origin in game’ option.
    The game should run fine without glitches.

  • Anon1020

    Fixed for me.

    I went to task manager and did these few things as follows.
    1. right click on bf3.exe > set priority > realtime
    2. right click on bf3.exe again > set affinity > unmark all cpu > mark cpu 1.

    works perfectly fine. GT540M here. nothing to do with realtek sound card as I am using one as well. finished the whole game without crashing.

  • rojan

    i have Dell inspiron 5110 laptop.Nvdia N525 Graphics card. 4 gb 7 home edition X64 bit.i have same problem like you guys have game stop working after few minutes after smooth play..some times it used to crash in 10-20 mins and sometimes after few mins..i tried all the way to solve it.updated drivers of graphics directx ..disable sounds.msi afterburn adjusting graphic properties in game..but it still hang..some1 plz help me out to sort out this prb..i m really dying to play this game…

  • Wullz0r

    woow I tried alot and nothing worked until i closed x-fire then the game worked for me

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  • Gee

    Worked for me THANKS

  • Turin Turambar

    SOLVED: I too have found myself almost going crazy by trying to figure out why my computer was crashing in the middle of a mutiplayer round in BF3 (The screen freezes and the sound keeps looping, as if my GPU just overheated, ultimately crashing the PC, but no BSOD. It’s just frozen with the most annoying sound that loops until I press the restart button on my rig). This happens every 5 or so mins. into the round. I have an XFX HD 6870, Qaud-Core 2.33 GHz, 4 Gigs of DDR800 memory. After buying a new PSU, installing and reinstalling the game and GPU drivers (latest), installing MSI Afterburner, settings the graphics in game to “Medium,” taking away all overclocks (CPU + GPU), even downclocking the GPU to the lowest possible setting ’cause someone said the game will adjust the GPU core-clock itself – and it almost seemed like it worked until I crashed after playing for 1.5 hours. =(

    I found myself thinking of what it was I haven’t done yet. At this point, I have already ran out of ideas. Then I remembered something. I remembered when I installed the XFX HD 6870 GPU, my SoundBlaster soundcard disappeared from the BIOS list and the Device Manager – as if it was never there. All I could see was the sound device that came with the motherboard. I read somewhere that my GPU had an HDMI output (outputs sound as well ofcourse) which puts itself at a higher priority than my aftermarket soundcard – it then works with the onboard sound device. Ultimately, this made my computer think my Soundblaster was nonexistent. Explains why I only saw the motherboard sound device in the BIOS. Since I don’t have a use for the HDMI ouput, I thought this SUCKED and was unneeded. Don’t ask me why AMD would put such a program in this card that would do that as a default.

    As a solution, I started using the soundcard that came with the motherboard. This was before I bought and installed BF3. Now, after reading a few folks putting the blame on onboard soundcards, I thought to myself, “Why not try this very last solution, however unrelated it may sound?” So then, I went to my folder which housed the latest AMD drivers and executed it. My purpose for doing this was so I can uninstall the HDMI audio drivers specifically. I was hoping I could reverse the situation and have my motherboard recognize my Soundblaster once more. After restarting, I went to the BIOS and could now see my Soundblaster again! I chose it as the default peripheral. When I got to windows, I saw my Soundblaster again in the device manager. I am again using my Soundblaster and not the onboard one. I played BF3 multiplayer and have been playing since. I have played for almost 10 hours now through the day. I’d say that’s a pretty reliable test. So yeah. I don’t know yet who to blame for this whole mess; DICE, the GPU, my motherboard, or myself. I hope this helps you. Thank you to all who have provided solutions, especially to those who referred to the soundcards as the culprit!

  • Cash

    Core 2 Duo 4GHz, GTX460 1GB, 4GB Memory

    Tried underclocking GPU and downclocking CPU, tried giving my GPU more volts and updating to the latest nVIDIA beta drivers, I even bought an SSD just so I could play BF3 and it turns out to be the biggest waste of money ever

    I have RealTek HD Audio onboard sound, but why should I have to go out and buy a new soundcard just because EA can’t make games properly…

    They need to patch this, and quick… Battlefield 2 was such a horrible mess of a game that they had to release over 2GB of patches just to fix it, which actually didn’t even fix it. And they’ve managed to do the same thing again with an entirely new engine, how is that even possible!?

    I give up, I’d rather play my BF2 (which crashes after about 30 mins and makes my PC freeze) than have to deal with BF3 rubberbanding me and pinging me all over the place when I’m connected to a server that only has 12 ping… and then ultimately freezing up my PC as well after 1 round

    EA are con artists… took my money, but can’t do anything about this and never will.

  • VG

    hi guys ..HP pavillion DV6 1211AX having AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-75 , 2.20 GHz, , 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 4650 Graphics card.
    I have played all COD series except MW3 , all Fear series and BF 1 and BF 2.
    The problem i am facing with battlefield 3 is that every time i start the game , it hangs . and then suddenly crashes to black scree. I have read so many forums but didn’t find the solution.
    Please help as i have seen many of you enjoying BF 3 by doing some changes. …

  • mike

    Try this:

    Go to the punkbuster official web

    Go to Battlefield 3

    Download pb and follow the instructions

    it’s done, it’s a pukbuster issue, you must update to the specific game (bf3) , is vey easy, just follow the instructions (copy and paste the last update to into ur game/pb/ section

  • TwinPrimes

    I found the comments on this thread pretty useful in getting my game working so thought I’d post what my experience in case it is useful to anyone else. I’m now at about 99% up time with the game.


    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Quad-Core
    ATI Radeon HD 5870
    4 GB RAM
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2
    1000 W Power Supply
    Windows 7 32 Bit

    Campaign problem: Would start on high settings and then crash to black screen / windows error message within 2 to 5 minutes.

    Fix: Sound (apparently). I read about how many people had sound related fixes so I disabled on board sound in the BIOS and then updated my sound blaster drivers which were out of date. From then on I could play the campaign without crashing on high settings at a high frame rate. Prior to this I had done just about everything else suggested to get it running so it may have been a combination of factors leading up to this, but this was the final action.

    Multiplayer problem: Would crash once I’d spawned in a server within 30 seconds every time.

    Fix: This is post the sound fix (and everything else) I did above but the only other thing I had to do to get the MP to work after I got the campaign working well was change the graphical settings to medium. So apparently I can run at High in campaign but not in MP. I would not have thought this to be the case as I’ve never had to use different graphical settings between two different game modes, but there you have it. I can now play as long as I’d like in MP without crash. As an added note, I still feel the game looks very good all things considered on Medium. Better than Bad Company 2 at max settings, for example…IMO.

    I do still get some server errors or minor crashes during joining a server, but those are very minor complaints compared to where I was a few days back. Hope this helps someone.

  • Sacha

    You can also just go to and download DisableUPNP.exe (type it in at search bar). Its freeware. Make sure you execute it as administrator

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  • Mat

    A few comments list ASUS cards – remove all the ASUS overlay software from your machine and restart, this worked for me.

  • Grant

    Hey guys if you have constant crashes on pc i know how to solve that this not a spam i really know how and it helped me for real.go to my youtube channel it’s called E430c where i have uploaded the video on how to fix it this tutorial is different than the others like reinstalling the game and all this crap,so please checkout my channel and don’t forget to subscribe please that really helps.

  • Gwen

    This worked for me mat, thanks. Tried every damn thing and nothing worked until I removed that damn Gamer OSD and SmartDoctor

  • Kazama

    i fixed my crashes permanently: now you just have to do 3 THINGS. that registry stuff (take out the “TM”)
    2.take out the “TM” on the bf paste
    3.disable the Universal Plug and Play

    and thats it.I played for several hours and the game didn´t crash… so far.

  • Ray

    Nvidia GTX 550 ti fix…Download EVGA precision v2.1.0
    Set fan to run at 95% when you hit 45 C.
    Set Core Clock to 740
    Set Shader clock to 1480
    Set Memory Clock to 1600
    Dial game settings to medium
    Set AA to off

  • Altair Numa
  • Altair Numa

    motion blur can also be the problem

  • Greg

    I am having an issue where I crash after less then a minute of multiplayer play. I am able to spawn but then I crash. It says bf3 has stopped working.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: bf3.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4ece50fa
    Fault Module Name: bf3.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4ece50fa
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00107e60
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

  • mike

    Finally i solve the crash problem using MSI Afterburner like other people….

  • bobbobgi

    Open up battlefield join a server, and when in game press esc (for menu) and go to [video settings] and set [graphics to low.]

  • Waltermydoinhere

    Here is my fix. BY ACCIDENT!

    Intel i870 @ 2.93 (not oc’d)
    Gigbyte mobo
    Decent ram (forget what it is)
    Gigabyte GTX560 (not the Ti version)
    Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit

    I would crash every five or so minutes of play UNTIL I put all of my graphics settings on MEDIUM…

    Then something wonderful happened. While I was perusing the ‘bad neighborhood’ of the internet I acquired a VIRUS. AHH… I managed to get rid of it but some of my system files and services had been damaged and couldn’t be fixed with a ‘repair’. So I decided to install Win 7 Ulimate 64 instead of 32.

    Now it runs FLAWLESSLY with all settings on HIGH!! I’ve played several days with it that way so I now know there was something wrong with drivers/windows/ram etc.. of my 32 bit system that BF3 did not get along with.

    If you have the option of trying 64 bit…GO FOR IT.

  • 53N51

    Finally it seems that my game is running without any crashes ^^

    what i’ve done :

    uninstal and reinstal last driver Nvidia
    done a scannow
    instal / reinstal punkbuster
    ( all of this as administrator )
    disable onboard audio via bios
    repair BF3
    set physx to cpu
    ambient occlusion ingame set on SSAO
    and FINALLY :
    UNDERCLOCK my GPU from 780 MHZ to 680 MHZ !!!

    unbelievable but this last thing make my game playable with just some times low FPS with graphics on HIGH ^^

    quad GPU 2.4GHZ , GTX570 , 4Go RAM and W7 ultimate


  • Dan


    Disable soundcard in BIOS, unninstall drivers…..


    STEP 1
    Go to your windows device manager.
    Uninstall the display adapter. (It does not matter what GPU you own.)
    Reinstall the updated drivers for your respective GPU.
    Here are the Links: NVIDIA – ATI
    STEP 2
    Type cmd in run and run it as administrator.
    Now type sfc /scannow.
    After the scan is complete restart the computer.
    STEP 3
    Open your Origin menu.
    Go to the settings tab.
    Now select settings and then select the in-game tab.
    Un-check enable origin in game’ option.
    The game should run fine without glitches.

    THose are from the author….the problem now comes that you have REMOVE WAT installed for win 7 and that crack is causing a problem with compatibility something maybe…

    so if you check files for integrity… the steps….install another loader maybe or reinstall windows….genuine…. it works…..

    I have no problems with win 7 that is full , and it’s a x64 version

  • Dan

    I forgot to add to let windows install it’s own drivers for soundcard…..then try the game without putting any crack in windows…..and you will be amazed….:)

  • Will

    Hey, can some one please help. My bf3 doenst even enter the game it just says bf3 has stopped working, and something about appcrash…

    I have:
    Intel core2duo 2.93ghz
    Windows7 ultimate 64bit
    Gainward Gtx550 ti
    4gb ram
    and a 6.1 integrated sound card
    Please help someone…..

  • Tonya

    @ Will what exactly does the error say? Have you tried taking out the TM at the end of links like in this video?

  • jodleboy

    I had the same problems with my Gigabyte GTX 580 1536mb.
    Tried just about every fix i found out there. Finally i bought a Gaiward GTX 580 3072mb, and all is suddenly well =)

  • Riccardo

    I have a Dell XPS 1645
    ATI 5700 Series…
    win 7 Ultimate 64 bit official
    sometimes 5 or 10 minutes hangs, shattering sound… no returning to windows possible, have to hard reset?

    anyone experiences this?

    im using latest catalyst driver.

  • Dan

    try another sound card if you have win original and you let windows install sound driver and you still have hard reset

  • Dan

    but first unninstal realtek sound driver, adn reset..and let windows install it’s own driver…if it’s original

  • Frederik

    So my problem is … I can go into levels, also play about a half minute, but after that, it is crashing. My computer can run this game on ultra so my com is good enough. I hope this will help :)

  • KriTiiCaL

    Thank you soo much it worked for me =D

  • Leon

    finally someone with my problem

  • Anthr4

    Same here, but it’s not always crashing.. About every 4 rounds. This started happening after the last patch!

  • Xandarb

    I FOUND A FIX (for my computer)

    I7 2600 3.4Ghz
    Asus Geforce gtx 560 (non-ti)

    Frustrating bug, since you know that your rig can handle the game, and still it crashes without any reasons… I spent about 10 hours over- and under-clocking my computer, nothing worked. I tried several other things, and eventually found a solution!

    quote from

    “PROBLEM: Crashing at the end of every round (BF3.exe has stopped working) just before the scores come up and not being able to play single player.

    SOLUTION: If you own an ASUS card (ATi or NV) and you installed the ‘Smart Doctor’ and/or ‘ASUS Gamer’ software then this is what’s VERY likely causing you end of round crashes. All you need to do is uninstall Smart Doctor and ASUS Gamer, restart your computer and reinstall your video card drivers – that’s it!!!”

    also, i will here post a few USEFUL LINKS, which include SEVERAL OTHER PROBLEMS and how to fix them. (caps draws attention :D)

    Good luck and happy gaming!

  • MooCowMilitia

    Seems to be a complex set of reasons why the game crashes since some fixes only work for some and not others. After finally getting battlefield to work on my computer after hours of searching forums (i couldnt play a single mp round, and sp crashed within the first minute if not first second) I thought Id share what worked for me and the my current pc setup, in case it happens to work for someone else……

    My pc:
    i5 2500k
    hd 6950 flashed to 6970
    8gb ripjaws
    asrock gen3 extreme 4 mb

    What I tried:
    *the above 3 tips
    *disabling onboard sound since many people feel the problem lies with realtek drivers and punkbuster not liking them – did NOT work for me though

    What DID work for me:
    whether it was these alone or a combination of every other fix i tried………
    1) click start, type ‘services.msc’ (without the ‘ ‘) into the search box
    2) right click on services and select ‘run as administrator’
    3)scroll down and right click on SSDP discovery and select STOP (this also disables UPnP (which others feel is another problem) you may have to do this each time computer is booted so check
    * second you get into game turn down all graphics to medium (yes i know :-/, desparate times) as long as its not on auto works for some.

    This has worked for me SO FAR…..I cant take credit if it works as Ive had to trawl through many forums for methods….

    this was first pc ive ever built myself (and first pc in about 8 years) and BF3 was the first game I bought, so naturally very frustrated at not being able to play…good luck trying to get this game to work

  • JeppeAA

    Hi guys. After alot of hours spend looking for a fix on this problem I noticed some ppl saying, the problem was that the CPU on my SLI GTX 560ti was overheating. So I downloaded MSI Afterburner (it dosen’t matter if you don’t have a MSI card) and then I set fan speed at 100% when the temp. got to 55 C. After I did this I have not had a single crash in singleplayer or multiplayer.
    So try to do this, it did the trick for me. :)

  • Rafiq

    If the game crashes during gameplay, its probably because you have a slow processor. The best solution (that worked for me) is that, once Battlelog finishes loading the game, exit Origin and Battlelog and click on the game. Your cpu now has more space for processing the game faster than when Battlelog and Origin are open.

  • Spenser

    Really annoying me! It will last about 30mins before it freezes and crashes in campaign mode! I have a nivada GT440. Please help

  • jack

    you really dont think people know that.

  • Abulurd

    I was having a problem where I could play 1 round of MP fine and then about 5 mins into next round BF3 would freeze and require CTRL+ALT+DEL to close.

    Turning off SSDP discovery fixed this. did not have to tweak graphics just turned off SSDP and all working perfect now

    Thanks. This shit was driving me nuts

  • Esoteric

    Extracted from somewhere…:”hi,if you all are getting bf3 has stopped working error ,then follow these simple guide……go to the folder where the game is installed with the name battlefield3TM….RENAME IT TO BATTLEFIELD 3….remove TM ,then goto regedit from run and look for hkey_users etc look for software..battlefield3,there must be 2 bf3 indications…open one with dialogues on right side…now double click every key and remove TM symbol from them,reboot and walla,works guarenteed”

  • Darthtater

    You are my savior MooCowMilitia!

  • Benjamin Joe

    This is the solution to BLACK SCREEN CRASH / DRIVER STOPPED / BF3 QUITS

    The automatic fan speed for the video card doesnt work with BF3 and when your video card is being stressed by the game it crashes.
    Follow this thread i’ve opened on the battlelog forum for the solution, do not forget to post your experience:

  • ScratchMyTail

    Underclocked my 580 GTX 200 MHz, works like a charm now!

  • Thire

    I have a laptop with:
    AMD Phenom II P960 1,8 ghz
    AtI Radeon HD 6650 and 4250
    8 gig ram ddr3
    Windows 7 home premium 64
    i am not sure if im am using gigabyte or any other motherboard.

    I start up without a problem then after 3-20 minutes the game just freezes and then just crashes down to desktop and i have to shut the “bf3.exe” from the task manager.

    I have tryed all of these “fixes” above but i cant seem to get the game to work…

    please try to find an answer to these annoying crashes.

    Best regards //Thire//

  • Sick

    Hello. I fixed it from battlefield graphic settings. I put everything on low and put something off. Only anistrophere thing or whatever it is i left on 16x. Now its working fine and no problems at all. Hope this helps.

  • kenneth

    I trobule with this game 24 hours..
    it crash after 2 min !
    i tryed many things
    now i did the same thing as komplot write :
    change soundcar to hdmi.. now it runs no problems !!!
    i have msi realtek onboad.. i has problems with bf3.
    now i go buy a sound blaster..
    thanks !

  • kenneth

    i forgot

    i have radeon 6950 2 mb memory

    go and turn off realtek audio.

    It worked for me !! :)

  • fuckBF3

    fuckin retards should’ve got their shit sorted before releasing this game, its been months with this crashing issue…. wtf?

  • Maddie

    tried turn of the uPnP on the router? that worked for me .

  • Andrew

    I have the exact same problem, but I’m using a laptop and my crash with multilayer is your crash with singleplayer. I have the ATI Mobility Radeon 5870. Perhaps it could be from having an ATI card with a specific configuration. Do you have multiple monitors by any chance? That could be part of the problem. I figure my best bet is to check with others that have the same problem because EA said that the entire problem was my fault for having a laptop.

  • mike

    where is SSDP?????

  • MooCowMilitia

    Follow the above I posted, in the long list of services which are sorted alphabetically ssdp discovery should be there (im using windows7)

    This is still working for me multiplayer no crashes anymore…i tried turning the graphics back up and problems started again even tho i should have the resources to play on high/ultra

    Ps you will have to do the process each time you reboot but hey its worth it :-)

  • Tummy22

    For people who experience a complete PC freeze-up after ~10/15 minutes of playing:

    I’ve had this problem a long time too, where the game would completely freeze up after ~10 minutes of playing. I might have a “solution” for you and this might sound like the most easy solution ever, but just give it a try. Before this I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of the freezes, but nothing really seemed to work.

    - When you’re gonna play BF3 for the first time since you’ve booted your PC – choose a server, join, play for about 1 minute and exit the game.
    - Now just choose an other server to join and stay on this server for a longer period than 10 minutes to see if it freezes up.

    I’ve always noticed one thing, which is that joining a server for the first time since the PC booted, it always took me longer to join compared to the server I join after the first match. Since I’m doing this “solution” I never experienced one single freeze… Worth a try.

  • Wes S.

    That isn’t really a valid solution for others…

  • West

    Starting a personal troubleshooting blog for Battlefield 3. Would love to here questions, comments, and most of all ERRORS/CRASHES/HEADACHES

  • C3-DaddyO

    Hopefully this will help MANY folks experiencing this issue. I had the same problem since day 1 of playing in October and always attributed it to the graphics driver – so, I kept updating them (when available), but the problem persisted.

    If you read all the threads on this subject – you’ll notice some similarities in the systems having this issue – if yours matches the below list – this potential SOLVE should help you.

    Windows 7 64bit
    DirectX 10 GPU card (issue also occurs on some DX11 cards in SLI)
    Internet Explorer 9 (32bit) with Flash 11 installed

    Install CHROME and ditch IE9 – seriously, this is NO TROLL. I did it yesterday and have been enjoying crash/freeze FREE play ever since… I wanted to test it out before I posted.

    There seems to be a conflict issue with the way IE9 uses the GPU for speeding up web graphics – as we all know, your browser is actively running BattleLog while you play BF3 – constantly streaming messages, invites and battlefeeds – it’s this interaction with the browser during play that was causing my crash/freeze.

    Report back if it works for you too – this was the ONLY change I made to my software set-up and I have been crash free since.


    My setup:
    X58 Chipset i7 965X CPU
    2x GTX285 SLI
    6GB DDR3 Ram
    XFI Titanium Audio

  • Anonymous

    Wow i have an ATI
    But when i dis=able it it says that i can never put it on again so what do i do?

  • Phobic666

    I tried most of the above suggestions but still had regular crashes, sometimes after a couple of minutes, sometimes immediately once the mission loaded.

    I was able to fix it by downloading and installing the latest drivers for my ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 card. I download and installed the AMD Driver Autodetect utility from the ATI website:

    The utility detects the current drivers and if new ones are available it will prompt to download and install.

    My setup:
    Dell Studio 1747 i7 CPU Q720 @ 1.60ghz
    RAM 4.00 GB
    Windows 7 – 64 bit
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650
    AMD/IDT High Definition Audio

    Hope this helps

  • jenglot

    your computer the same with me, but why am I not able to play bf3… im using phenom ii x4 960 t

  • ballicrii

    does it work on amd graphics?

  • Phobic666

    BTW, after installing the latest drivers I would still get an occasional crash. I switched to Chrome and haven’t crashed since!

  • C3-DaddyO

    Tee hee… told you.

    Additionally – nVidia users should run 285.62 (most stable driver for BF3 – DO NOT use the beta drivers or, the 295 series – BF3 will give you a DX HUNG error – bad command).

    Also – download/install EVGA Precision – seems as if the nVidia cards get a bit “wiggy” when they approach 80*C and the bios fan control on the card don’t typically kick in until the card reaches 100*C – which is crazy!

    So, use the Precision tool to manage your fan speeds and keep temps below 80*C on that card!

    I’ve been crash free since making these changes (over 50hrs of play)

  • Ron

    This seem’s to have helped, so far no freeze. Turned off SSDP and have played for a couple of hours with no problems.
    I have custom built system…
    AMD Phenom II 965 3.4ghz
    ASUS M3N-HT mempipe/deluxe mb
    8 gig Corsair ram ddr2
    3x EVGA 285 gtx in SLI
    cannot overclock at all tho or game will freeze/crash. But dont need to game runs very well on high settings. Well over 60fps.

  • Callum

    I wish i could say any of these fixes worked for me, but they didn’t.

    tried everything, google chrome, ff , uninstall gfx drivers and what not, basicly my bf3 worked like a charm, until the day i bought a 6950 dual bios card, and ive tried running with the standard bios with standard settings on everything, but sometimes when i try to open up bf3 , game just well crashes right there and then, black screen and back to desktop, have to manually close the bf3.exe my self from task manager.

    all this happened after i switched from my xfx 5850 black edition to a sapphire 6950 2gb , i know there has been some problems getting the game to run stable on this card specificly , but man this is taking the piss.

    even did try running with fixed fan speeds as suggested also, also tried turning off upnp but i can’t see how that relates to my bf3 crashing no matter what gfx driver im using.

  • Hotzu

    For me installing MSI AFTERBURNER did the trick. I have an ATI HD 4850, Reduced Core clock from 675 to 639, graphics set to LOW and works crash free ever since.

    Before this i tried all of the above and had no results. Yay! :)

  • Millsy226

    how do you edit the name?

  • Domi

    This worked for me with the freeze. thanks for the info!

  • pla

    I cant say i have encountered those problems before , mine crashed after reinstall, just clicked on the repair game and it worked fine .. but the reason why i reinstalled in the first place is that my character cant sprint without spinning when i release “shift” .. i have tried to check my keyboard for sticky button , reassigned my run button and the above ,, nothing … and when i tried to call ea support (That are supposed to be open 7 days a week from 10 to 23) an answeringmachine tells me they are closed , an the clock was 20!
    so no luck trying to figure out what to do ..
    plz holp plox ..

  • Ron O

    Hi guys, tried all kinds of things to help BF3 from locking up. Sometimes (every 10 min) would lockup or crash to desktop or give me message that bf3 exe has stoped working. The only thing that fixed all that, was to underclock my vid cards. I have 3 EVGA 285gtx in SLI. Factory clock is 648, i brought it down to 602. Been working perfect for over 2 weeks now. Thats probably about 60 or 70 hours of game time. I cannot overclock ANY part of my system or crash. Oh and im running my ram at 800mhz unganged ddr2. Factory is 1066. Have all kinds of games, bf3 is the ONLY one i have to do this.

  • Josh

    2mb? lol 2gb more like, if you have a 2mb gpu you would not even run minecraft.

    I have a problem, I use £10 tecknika headphones, and it freezes about 15 mines into game, it crashes makes a constant buzzing noise and forces me to manually shut my PC down and start it up again,.

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  • well crashed





  • Ron O

    Well crashed, you are the only idiot here. And please try to upgrade your English

  • Matt

    MooCowMilitia, you saved me. I made the above changes, which didn’t work, until I turned off SSDP Discovery. Now everything is running smoothly. Thanks!

  • splatter

    Message to Jack.
    What kind of answer is that? dont you have the ability to think?

  • Sup3rn0vaa

    Open command prompt / CMD (run as administrator)
    and type or copy and paste
    if you have 3gb ram use bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 2560
    if you have 4gb ram use bcdedit /set increaseUserVa 3072
    Make sure it writes complete
    Restart your PC

  • joe

    how do you turn down the GPU clock??

  • Shino

    How do i do that? Please explain Thanks

  • Munt3d

    I origanaly played bf3 with no problem, now when i launch the game, the game closes itself as soon as game manager in battlelog has joined server. Random issue, tried all the stuff in here already, and i mean, every, single one. anyone got anythn?

  • Josh

    Well it’s not every bloody day you can afford a 600> PC is it you complete arsehole. Just because you parents gave you money to get a pc does not mean everyone else is as stupid and spoiled as you

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  • SP33D3RNam

    ok. so i have read and tried all of these things and none of them worked for me.
    so i started with a complete new install of windows. re-installed Origin and BF3.
    also reinstalled all the other stuff i got.
    browsed around for a replacement sound driver for my board that won’t have the same issues that some ppl had and found the perfect software for it. In stead of using your standard sound drivers i recommend getting the dolby digital audio drivers for your board. not sure if all boards support it, but the worste that can happen is you have to uninstall it again. it solved all my glitches and stuff. no more looping audio or crash to desktop or even black screen. played for hours this weekend after doing my windows over. this is the link that i could find for the drivers. hope it helps all of you that are still having issues with it.

  • SP33D3RNam

    sorry but i also got to add this!
    up yours well crashed! my rig can rape your rig anyday! and i bought it myself. mommy’s boy.
    i7 3770K
    16 gig Corsair DDR 3 gaming Ram
    H77 MSI board
    2 x GTX 680 in SLI
    2x Corsair Black edition SSD 256 Gig in Raid
    1200 w Raptor PSU
    RAT 7 Gaming Mouse
    Razer Black widow Ultimate limited edition keyboard
    Logitech 7.1 Surround Sound Headset
    Samsung 27″ LED flat screen.
    Gigabyte 5115 Case with watercooling

    And my stuff also crashed. so it happens to the best of us. it does not matter what rig or what stuff you got in your PC. its a bloody random stuff up with the software that glitches your game! if you got nothing better to do than insult ppl. let me know. mail me your address and i will fly there and stomp you into the dirt, no problem. ppl come here to find sollutions. not to be insulted by retards

  • Sup3rn0va

    Open command prompt / CMD (run as administrator)
    and type
    if you have 3gb ram use bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 2560
    if you have 4gb ram use bcdedit /set increaseUserVa 3072
    Make sure it writes complete
    Restart your PC

  • ComplaXx

    intel core 2 quad q6600 @2.4GHz
    8GB ram
    Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX 4GB(4096) ram
    directx 10 (my grafic card douse not support DX11)
    running 2 optimazetion programs- razer game booster and tuneup utilities 2012
    win 7 ultimate 64-bit

    the game is running smooth on auto and high settings with 1280×1024
    the only problem for me is that when ever my call on skype ends or someone calls me the game get windowed and the mouse is stuck in the middle of the screen till i click realy annoying but not relevant :P any way if my 4 year old computer can play this you sould too. hope in some way i helped you

  • Stefan Knudsen

    If you got an XFX Ati Radeon 5870, then You may have noticed your system freezing when playing BF3 /or the system chashed.

    Well after some research I found out that the Memory on this card as per default is set to high and the Voltage is set to low!!

    What fixed my crashing problem was:

    - Install MSI Afterburner
    - Set GPU Voltage to 1.2
    - Underclock Memory to 1200

    - Optional: Clock your GPU to 900. Works fine with no overheating issues/performance issues.

  • Hasta Castanyo

    awesome, that’s work for me, but how with 6GB ram, thanks dude ^^

  • Vivek Bharos


    Your solution worked for the invisible models in the comrades mission buddy. THanKs a tol.

    Great solution.


    I had to disable cloud sync for some reason. It seems to be working fine now for me.

  • annnimus

    I disabled “Origin In Game” from Origin. Game has not crashed after that. So try this:

    1) Open Origin
    2) Choose “Origin” from menu bar
    3) Click “Application settings”
    4) From upcoming window choose “In Game” from menu bar
    5) Uncheck “Enable Origin in Game”

  • Brunp

    Well, hello everyone. I just bought the game last NIGHT and its being a completely nightmare. My computer crashes or freezes I don’t even know how to call it. I’ve been searching on Google, in order to solve the problem. I found that I don’t get any error message! I’m playing about 2/10/20 minutes and it crashes, and does an horrible annoying sound ( buzz sound ). It’s like, the image still in-game, ant it freezes, no black-window, no blue-screen, just the freeze and the annoying sound. Obviously, I am forced to reboot it manually.
    Actually, I found something that solve the problem

    Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.60 GHz with fan of Vendetta
    Memory: 4096 MByte DDR2 1066Mhz
    Hard Drive: 500GB + 320GB
    Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5
    Monitor: Samsung TFT 20 “wide SyncMaster T200HD (5 ms)
    Sound Card: Realtek High defenition Audio
    Speakers / Headphones: 5.1 Logitech
    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate – 64bit OS
    Motherboard: ASUS P5Q-PRO
    PowerS: 400w

  • Bruno

    ***Actually, I found something that solve the problem for a few hours: CMD (run as administrator) and wrote: bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2500
    Plus, I installed MSI afterburner and increased my fan from 10 top 90.Plus, disabled UAC. And yes, I rebooted, logged in and it worked all night without a single crash, but when I went to bed, i turned it off, and today tried to play again and the GAME crashed/freezed again :(

    -> so I don’t know what to do more. I am actually trying to search for help.
    I heard that disable the realtek in BIOS solved the problem for some. ( I guess i’ll need to try it)( = play with no sound at all))
    and yeah, now i am doing a scan in CMD..
    So if u guys could help me to find a solution for this i would appreciate it :(

  • Saad

    Actullay this is happening to my ATI card PC … Same stuff is going on but on the other PC with Nvidia Card, the game is working perfectly. There is something with the game while playing with ATI cards. May be I am wrong but it is happening with 2 of my other friends who are using ATI as well. I am also in testing some steps.

  • Lukavid

    Same problem mate, i tried everything, from disableing UpnP, switching browsers, messing with settings in Origin (to prevent origin in game), updated realtek drivers, then disabled every driver but speakers and so on. I even tried the CMD THING : bcdedit /set increaseUserVa 3072, nothing works, except im gonna try to OC my graphic card with MSI afterburnet.

    Graphic Card: AMD Radeon 6970 2Gb
    Processor: Intel I7 960@3.2 Ghz
    Ram: 6Gb 1666 Mhz
    Sound Card: Realtek High definition Audio
    Headphones: Medusa NX 7.1
    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate – 64bit OS
    Motherboard: Rampage EXTREME II
    PSU: 650 W

  • Saad

    Tell me, is your game Russian edition?

  • Dobra Marius

    Same problem here.I tried:

    1.Reinstall ATI drivers ( latest,older version ).
    .2 Reinstall OS.
    3.Underclock GPU.
    4.Eliminate windows partition limitation.
    5.Repair install BF 3 game.
    6.Update OS
    7.Unistall Punkbuster
    8.Tried solution “In the command prompt type this exactly: bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3000.”
    9.Reinstall Realtek audion driver.
    10.Uncheck in origin -> in game – enable origin in game.

    The game stil crash.

    My pc configuration is:

    Amd Athlon x4 640 OC 3600 mhz
    Ram: 8 gb Kingmax
    GPU: Ati Radeon Sapphire HD 6790

  • Fariz hakim

    Hi, i got a problem with my laptop, i’m using NVidia GT 540M, with 4GB RAM DDR3. When i’m in the middle of gameplay, about 10-15 minutes, the screen suddenly freeze and the game could not continue, so i have to ctrl+alt+del to stop running the game. Anybody got the same problem? What should i do?

    Ps: when the game freeze, the screen is not turning into black/white screen, it’s just stop like a screenshot

  • Saad

    First checkout your antivirus, add the game exe in white-list or try disabling your antivirus. Update your punkbuster and try again. Are you using wireless ISP?

  • Fariz Hakim

    my antivirus is expired, i’m already updating punkbuster but nothing happen. yes i use wireless ISP, is that a problem?

  • Saad

    Yes, due to high latency issues on wireless, sometimes origin won’t allow to connect to the servers. 2ndly update your punkbuster manually and then just try it on LAN internet for a test.

  • Fariz Hakim

    but still, if i play on singleplayer, about 15-20 minutes it will crash. it’s just the same problem beetween SP and MP. i already tried to OC but it’s still crashing. by the way, i’m play this game on laptop (ASUS N43S)

  • Saad

    Your drivers are up to date? And are you using windows 7 or 8 and 32bit or 64bit? And also tell me your laptop specs, cpu, ram, gpu etc

  • SP3D3RNam

    most of the time i have noticed that laptops (even though they support the game hardware wise) cant run games too well. i had the same issue with my MSI laptop.
    i have a GT60 that should run the game fine enough but it crashes as well. also keep in mind that EA has been having issues with the BF servers lately due to hackers. if you can join the @battlefield chat on twitter to stay up to date with developments. wireless ISP cant be the issue cause i use LTE and dont have the problem anymore. our clan has been struglling with this issue cause we have all had it in some or other degree at some stage. try running Origin as Admin. and change you BF as well so that it runs as admin.
    if the game runs fine and then stops working it can only be overheating. try to make sure that there is adequate ventilation for your laptop. find something you can put under the feet that will raise it about 1 to 2 inches.i will keep an eye on this thread so that i can help others that have issues. only through the community can we solve our troubles:-)

  • Fariz Hakim

    for Mr. Saad : my laptop spec

    ASUS N43S
    Pros : Core i7-2630QM 2,2GHz
    Memory : 4GB DDR3
    Hardisk : 720GB
    Optical : DVDRW
    LCD : 14″
    Os : Windows 7
    PremiumFeature : Webcam-
    Card Reader-Bluetooth-3 port USB-HDMI-
    Speaker Bang & Olufsen Ice Power
    VGA : Nvidia Optimus GT 540M
    Shared : 1632MB
    Dedicated : Intel 64MB, geforce 2GB
    my drivers is up to date

    right now i have a new problem after updating my driver, it says

    Direct X function”DxRenderer::map”failed with E_OUTOFMEMORY:RAM
    out of memory GPU:”NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M”,Driver
    virtual memory:2826408kb/4194176kb. Total resource memory;0kb
    make sure you have a supported graphics card with at least 512mb

    it says like that, what should i do?

  • Saad
  • Saad

    & I read somewhere that Battlefield 3 gives lag on 540M GPU.

  • Fariz Hakim

    for mr. Saad, SP3D3RNam

    i just want to say Thank you very much, because you’re help, i was able the play the game for a long time, the problem it’s really easy, it’s because i accidentally change the power4gear to office mode rather than use Gaming mode,so when i change to power4gear gaming mode, the game was really smooth even in high-medium mode.

    Thank you very much for you’re help

    -Fariz Hakim-

  • Saad

    That’s really great. Glad to hear this from you. =)

  • battlefield 3 multiplayer crack

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous
    blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  • SP3D3RNam

    happy to hear your game is running smooth:-)
    see online soon:-)

  • Smuagy

    Does this work with BF4?

  • Smuagy

    Does this work with BF4?