Nintendo Officially Announces Wii U

Nintendo officially unveiled their Project Cafe during their E3 conference. The Wii successor is called the Wii U and it features a tablet like controller, unlike the previous concept arts swimming around the web.

The controller that was shown is similar to a tablet. Imagine placing a D-Pad, Analogue Sticks and buttons on the side of an I-Pad, that’s what came to my mind when I saw the Wii U just now.

However, from what was shown in the introductory video (above) the Wii U has infinite possibilities. You can switch your games from TV to the handheld, draw on it and even play only on the controller.

As the Wii U was revealed a lot of people seemed dissapointed. That soon changed when Nintendo showed some clips from a new Zelda game. The graphics were insanely superior to the Wii and that was not only with Zelda but with other games as well.

The screen size of the controller is 6.2 inches and is backwards compatible with the Wii mote and accessories.

At the moment I have no clue regarding the technical and hardware specifications of the Wii U. However, here’s what I do know the Wii U will have:

  • 2 Analogue Circle Pads
  • A Camera
  • A D-Pad
  • A Drawing Pen
  • A Gyroscope
  • A Microphone
  • An Accelerometer
  • Rumble Functionality
  • Speakers
  • Touch Screen
  • ZI & ZL Buttons

A tech demo was played to show the power of the Wii U. It does look beautiful doesn’t it?

However, it has to be said that the announcement could have been done in a better way. A lot of confusion was around as to whether the controller was an add-on for the Wii or was it the console itself? The answer to that is yes, there is a console (above) for the Wii U but it wasn’t showcased in the presentation for unknown reasons. The console is capable of full 3D abilities and will support Blue Ray.

The Wii U will be officially released next year.