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Dead Rising 3 Will Become a bone-chilling horror Title by Xbox One Graphics

Fans really get excited when playing a zombie game. Players get to experience horror and thrills from these zombie games. But the Zombie game, Dead Rising did not give the thrills that the fans had expected. Even though Dead Rising 1 and 2 is a zombie survival game, it is nothing more than a comical romp through waves of undead. But what about Dead Rising 3, with...
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Puzzles Solution for Surgeon Simulator 2013 Revealed

Some doctor or surgeon games are preferred by fans as they will not only give the players an enjoyable time but it will also give them some experience on human operation. But what do you think about performing an operation on aliens. Feels exciting, right. Surgeon Simulator 2013 is the game where players will operate on a number of different aliens. It was just suppose to be...
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