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Computer Gamers Are Being Recruited To Fight Cyber Terror

Gamers are being invited to enter the shadowy world of computer hacking and fight the forces of evil in a new $2.99 games bundle launched today by Bundle Stars ( Hacker Bundle offers up the complete Hacker Evolution series of strategy simulation games and DLC (downloadable content packs). The entire contents would normally retail for $60 – but gamers can save 95% off the retail...
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Titanfall Put Great Influence on Xbox One Sales

Titanfall has landed with a resounding thud in first place in the UK's video games retail sales chart. According to industry monitor Chart Track, Respawn's new shooter - which pits nimble pilots against lumbering mechs called Titans - enjoyed the biggest release of this year shifting more than double the sales of 2014's current top seller, FIFA 14.Titanfall also provided a boosted to Xbox One sales by...
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